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NE Math Showcase

NE Math, funded in 2009, is a Targeted project focused on Math for Elementary, Middle, and High School grade levels. Here is some featured work.



NebraskaMATH: Primarily Math
We share highlights of the impact of our K-3 Mathematics Specialist Program, Primarily Math, on teachers, students and districts across the state.   more >

In The Press
In Nebraska, University And School Districts Build Formula For Better Math Education

"NebraskaMATH and its partner initiatives have crafted a "wonderful partnership," said Joan Prival, program director for the MSP and Noyce...   more >

Papers and Reports
Primarily Math: Success Stories

This report presents success stories of Primarily Math, the K-3 Mathematics Specialist program that is part of NebraskaMATH. The report...   more >

Papers and Reports
Report to Nebraska 12.2011

"Read about the recent highlights of the Primarily Math, Nebraska Algebra and New Teacher Network programs, as well as updates...   more >

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